Right Body Posture

A Comprehensive Guide to Right Posture and Pain free Life

I am sure you have heard some admonishing words from your mom for slouching and not sitting straight. Do you know why she was continuously prodding in this matter? The reason is to save you from the adverse effects that you could have in your future due to bad posture! Nowadays, when everyone spends lots of time in front of computers , it becomes imperative to know more about right posture.

Right Body Posture

Why Right Posture is Important?

There is a science behind maintaining a good posture. There is a force of gravity is always exerted on our body. If we maintain good posture, this force evenly distributes in our body without putting much strain on our joints, muscles and ligaments. So, basically posture is determined how you align your body with respect to gravity.

Types of Postures

There are chiefly two types of postures; dynamic and static. Dynamic posture is position and alignment of your body while moving, walking, bending and running. While static posture determined how you sit, sleep and stand.

Tips to improve Posture While Doing Different Activities:

Posture in General

  • Overweight can cause different problems in your spine or abdominal muscles. So, ensure maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes that do not put stain on any joint or muscle of your body. High heels always exert more pressure on your feet.
  • Do some kind of exercise or activity in order to stay active. Yoga, aerobics and many other activities keep your muscles strong.
  • Never forget to maintain right posture while doing some activities such as walking, dish washing and watching television.

Sitting Posture

  • Don’t stick to one position on chair. Keep switching.
  • Don’t sit for too long. Whether you are at home or office, go for a short stroll.
  • You can stretch your muscles as it is helpful in relieving strain in muscles.
  • Your legs should not be hanging in air. They must touch the floor or any other surface.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Bend your elbows in such a way that a 90 degree angle is created between body and elbows.
  • The chair on which you sitting on must be well-padded. Your hips and thighs must get proper support.

Standing Posture

  • Always stand up straight, while pulling your stomach in and shoulders at back.
  • There should be a distance between feet. You should not look clumsy while standing.
  • Leave your arms relaxed.

How Not to Sit at Office Chair?

  1. Neither look up nor look down; your eyes should be at level with the screen.
  2. Do not wear tight clothes or high-heels.
  3. One habit that most of the people need to change while sitting at work i.e taking on phone while keeping the receiver between shoulder and neck.
  4. Slouching when sitting for work is a big ‘No’.
  5. Don’t carry something very heavy on one side of shoulder. It may disturb your body posture.

Bad Effects of Poor Posture on Health

  1. Your abdominal organs get compressed when you sit in an abnormal position. It has terrible impact on your digestive system.
  2. The risk cardiovascular disease increases when you get habitual of bad posture. Your blood vessels contracts  as a result of which blood clotting and deep vein thrombosis occur.
  3. Sitting or walking in poor posture leads to disc degeneration. You can experience unberable pain in your back as the cushioning between the vertebraes diminishes due to excess pressure.
  4. There is a medical condition known as vertical subluxation that happens when there is a misalignment in the spine. Your poor posture can be very dreadful for your spine.
  5. The more you disturb the skeleton system, the more your nervous system will be affected.

So, I tried to cover all the major points that can be helpful for you in maintaing a right posture. Somehow in our busy life, we give least priority to health; but it is the real wealth. Try to make it a habit of doing everything in right posture and you will always live a pain-free life.

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