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Are Online Courses Really Worth Your Time?

Learning is a key to success! You can never achieve great heights without developing great skills and gathering knowledge. Nowadays, it has become an effort-less task to get some really informative courses on your fingertips. You can enroll into numerous courses that offer stupendous benefits. Various courses from various categories are available at free or affordable prices. Don’t you find it intriguing? Just sitting back on the couch, having a  cup of tea and enjoying the lectures at your home! Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons associated with online courses.

Advantages of Online Courses:

Flexible Schedule

Are you an employee who is already doing a 9-5 job? Then online courses provide you the convenience to learn at your own pace. Whether it’s day or night, you can explore the ocean of knowledge at a few taps of keys.  If you are a college going person, then you can upgrade your skill set with these useful online courses. Most of the courses are available in video format for easy understanding of concepts. You can play, pause, rewind and fast forward the video as per your convenience. It helps you to retain and revise everything you study easily.


Best of the universities offer premium quality courses at quite affordable prices . You can get in-depth knowledge on several topics without burning the hole in the pocket. So, instead of spending tons for some admissions in tutions and institutes, it is better to learn a variety of courses at almost no price.

No Geographic Barriers

Sitting in Agra and studding a course from Harvard University! This is not only pleasing to ears but also a dream for many. Now, this is possible through the phone in your hand or desktop at your home. What you need is passion to learn and a good internet connection. In 2020, when the world is fighting against COVID-19, these digital courses can be a ray of hope for building a better future.

Learn Some Tech Skills

If I speak about India, yes there are certain loopholes in the education system. There is more emphasis on theoretical learning rather than gaining valuable practical skills. The courses available on various online platforms can be the key to unlock the skills and tools. Even if you are working professional, it becomes imperative to grab expertise in some field that even your job can’t provide you.

Somehow, these courses provide  a brilliant opportunity to compete with global students and make way for some excellent job opportunities.

Disadvantages of Online Courses

Lack of Feedback in Online Courses

Traditional face to face method of teaching is considered best because students can clarify their doubts with their teachers directly in same time. This interaction is believed to be associated with higher motivation level and interesting learning.

Social Isolation

No one can deny the fact that going to classes and meeting your friends is a delightful experience. We learn a lot from others and teach them something we know. Meeting different people enhances our communication skills and even develop a confidence. With online courses, maintaining personal connections is quite a daunting task.

Cheating in Final Assessment

Online courses always offer a certificate after you complete an assessment. But you are sitting at home, you have internet connection, so somehow it will not be difficult for you to search for the answers on Google. So, where is that credibility? Here your honesty and sincerity comes into play. Do these courses with the intention to learn something new rather than just collecting a certificate.

Online courses has both advantages and disadvantages, but  the benefits definitely has an edge over drawbacks. Learning is an ongoing process. Technology is changing every single day and you need to keep up to it. Now, start searching for some good online course and start learning!

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