Impact of COVID 19 on social media

Social Media Marketing: Survival of Businesses in COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the businesses to a great extent. This has also led to an acceleration in digital transformation. Companies are focusing on increasing the organic content and reducing expenditure on paid ads. Businesses find social media marketing channels as a great way to connect with customers. It is a strategy that is effective in increasing customer engagement. In times of distress, this social media marketing has proved to be a game-changer for many businesses.

Role of social media for business

Below Mentioned are the Changes in the Landscape of Social Media Marketing:

Some facts about customer engagement on social media marketing

  • The median post interactions at Instagram have witnessed a growth in countries such as Japan and Argentina. However, in the countries of North America, Middle East and Europe, a decline has been recorded in engagement.
  • Worldwide brands have seen growth on engagement at Facebook.
  • Most popular hashtags related to COVID-19 are #covid19, #coronavirus, #covid-19, #stayathome, #stayhome.
  •  Interactions on brand posts had tremendous growth after March on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Facebook has become a major platform for people to get recent information, news and updates.

What Strategies the Companies are employing?

Companies are trying to implement the ‘empathy’ strategy. COVID-19 has increased various problems in everyone’s life and companies are trying to target those problems with some effective solutions through their social media posts.

Usage of the internet has increased as the maximum number of people are staying at home. Companies are trying to take advantage of such a situation. Social media marketing of e-commerce companies is revolving around grocery shopping and daily essential products. Right from buyers making the decision, selecting the products to make the payment, everything is happening online. Social media marketing is the only source left with companies to reach their customers. It is also an amazing platform for direct messaging, asking questions, and solving issues.

You can find many small businesses that are coming together in order to promote social-media-based giveaways. This is a great strategy to get more followers and brand recognition. Some small businesses are collaborating with other small grocery stores and promoting the business on social media.               

Companies are considering various social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and many others in order to reach a wide range of audiences. Because of the increased usage of the internet, other social media platforms have witnessed a surge.

This is a time of financial crisis for different businesses, so the quality of the content on social media is being more emphasized.  They are trying to spend a minimum when it comes to paid ads. You can find more creative marketing that attracts more attention from people. You can find the most creative ads on the most popular products like hand sanitizers, face masks, etc.

New way of brand advertising

Due to this pandemic, many companies had to shut down. But there are many unique and innovative businesses and industries are emerging. They are new to the market and need some marketing.  Social media is the first possible platform to create brand awareness. Many people search for classroom apps and video conferencing app. All these things require advertising. Social media is related directly to users as there are no middlemen involved and this provides an additional advantage.


With so many advantages of social media marketing, businesses are aggressively doing social media marketing activities. With a wide audience reach and growing digitalization, more organized and innovative social media strategies can be helpful in the survival of businesses.

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