Tips for Telephonic Interview

If you are a remote job seeker, then this is the best time to find a perfect job. Top companies are hiring talented people from every corner of India as there is no limitation of location. Virtual hiring is happening almost everywhere. You must know the tips for telephonic interview. To get selected, you must prepare for your interview. Because you are not physically present in front of the interviewer, you must make sure that you are able to convey your thoughts and experience though that single phone call.

Let’s Have a Look at Some Valuable Tips for Phone Interview:

  • Do your homework properly! When your profile gets selected, and you receive the confirmation for interview schedule, the very first thing is to learn do complete research about the company and your job profile. You must know about the nature of work, goals, vision and every aspect about the company. It will be good if you prepare some decent notes. These tips for telephonic interview can be helpful while giving the interview.
  • Make sure that you select the right place to give the interview. The place should not be noisy or have any distraction. It must be a comfortable place. Phone connection and internet connections must be excellent. It is very disappointing, if your conversation have many interruptions due to poor connection.
  • You can prepare well for the interview, if you know a little about them. Always remember the name of the interviewer. You can do a bit of research on LinkedIn. You can know whether the person is a manager or HR. If the person is a manager, then he or she may focus more on technical knowledge.
  • You must well-versed with the job description. Check whether you are a good fit for the requirement. Re-check that you have all the relevant capabilities which you have mentioned in your resume.
  • Always prepare answers for some common yet important questions. You must be knowing these questions but what gives you the edge is the answer! Right from your introduction to why you want to join this company, you must prepare some interesting answers.
  • Nervousness is very clear through your voice. So be confident! Before the scheduled time, you must calm down. You can also stand up while talking as it makes your voice more clear over the phone.
  • Don’t forget that there can be some points that even you can ask. You may get your doubts clarified. It makes the interviewer feel that you are interested in doing the job. You can even send a Thank You mail to the recruiter.

Your way of speaking matters a lot! You have to explain yourself through a phone call, it can be tricky. So, prepare well if you genuinely want to get selected.

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