Tips to improve eyesight

Tips to Improve Your Vision: Your Eyes Need Relaxation!

Can you imagine your world without looking at your loved ones and the surroundings? If no, then you must show your gratitude towards your eyes. Your eyes need proper relaxation and care. Nowadays, when everything is being digitalised, the screen time has increased significantly. Most of the people suffer from various eyesight disorders due to this lifestyle. You can find a mobile in a hand of toddler who can’t even speak properly. Paperwork has almost finished. Everything is done through mobile, laptop and computer. With so much strain, your eyes scream for help. There are some tips to improve your vision. These are very simple to implement in your daily life.

Tips to improve eyesight

Let’s Have a Look at the Tips to Improve Your Vision:

Provide Nutrients to Eyes- Eat right, live right!

Your body is what you eat! Food must be rich in various nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vit. C, and Vitamin E. Beta carotene is also essential in repairing the eyes. 

What to eat: Oranges, sweet potato, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, almonds, carrots, spinach, apricot, grapes, cod liver oil and red peppers.  


Stay Hydrated

Major part of your body consists of water. Whenever your eyes feel tired, blurry or dry, just splash some water. You will get instant refreshment through water. Drink as much water as you can. Drinking water is very good for skin, weight loss, detoxification and much more.

Avoid Sugar and Smoking

Bad habits are easy to inculcate but the repercussion are very serious. Sugary food has very bad impact on your eyesight. Also, sugar is not good for other processes going on your body. So, it is always better to reduce the intake of sugar.

Smoking is a serious addiction and people don’t realise that it can easily damage your optic nerve and lead to issues like cataract and macular degeneration.

Hereditary  Issues

Some people have weak eyesight from the time they are born. Some diseases are naturally congenital and acquired. You can visit your doctor and must inform if there is any such condition prominent in your family. Diseases like Myopia, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Optic Neuropathies can be forwarded to your through genes.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Your eye health is directly related to good hygiene. Eye infections can be prevented if you take care of certain things. If your eye makeup is kept open for months, then it must be thrown outside. Your eyes are very delicate for harsh dirt particles.

Be very careful while using contact lens. Wash your hands properly before touching them. A little unwanted particle can be great source of damage to your eyesight.

Diabetes Should be Controlled

Optic condition referred to as ‘diabetic retinopathy’ is caused when sugar levels elevate and causes blood vessels to swell, block and leak. So, always keep a check on your blood sugar levels as it affects your eyesight to a certain extent.

Reduce Screen  Time

Somehow, we don’t realise that we are unnecessarily increasing our screen time. Your social media life is going to do nothing good in enhancing the quality of life. Give your kids bat and ball rather than mobiles. Instead of watching movies on laptops, spend some time with nature. Office and business work is compulsory, so we can’t reduce the screen time in that department. But yes, time spend of social media and unnecessary browsing can be reduced.

If you want to trim down the strain on your eyes, you can follow a simple yet effective rule of 20-20-20. Focus on something that is 20 feet away from your eyes for almost 20 seconds after regular interval of 20 minutes.

We are all worried about different health issues, but the solution lies in very little changes in lifestyle.

Right Eyewear and Regular Check Up

Be aware of the condition of your eyesight. Visit the doctor regularly and get your eyes checked. Whatever medicines doctor prescribes, take them regularly.

One thing that most people ignore is the selection of right type of eyewear. Different types of lenses are available for people with different needs. Glass lenses, plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses, and high-index plastic lenses are some types of lenses available nowadays.

Right Eyewear

Exercise for Eyes

Just like other parts of body, there are various exercises for eyes. Take a break from continuously working on laptop or mobile and do these exercises:

  • Place your pointer finger a few inches away. Keep a focus on it. Now, slowly take it away maintain the focus. Then, shift your focus at something else for a few seconds. Now again bring back the focus to the finger. Then, bring the finger at its starting position.
  • This exercise improves your focus and eyesight. Roll the eyeballs. Keep your head still and just roll the eyeballs. From right left to up and down.

So, these go through these tips to improve your vision and bring them in to practice for good results. World is beautiful, don’t let the eyesight blur!

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