Video conferencing app

Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps Helpful in Working from Home

Facing communication issue is quite common when you are working from home. Your teammates are sitting at their homes and you just feel exhausted while conveying the message to each of them. Well, the technology has become very advanced. You have many options to communicate such as voice calls, video calls, chatting and e-mails. Video conferencing apps are one of the best ways to interact with one another. You feel as if you are present at same place and enjoy face to face interactions.

Video conferencing app

Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps for Employees Working from Home are:

Zoom: It is the best video conferencing app when it comes to user-friendly interface and convenience. You can easily install it on your mobile and desktop. Up to 1000 participants can join a meeting at Zoom.

Screen sharing, file sharing and automated scheduling are some of the benefits of using this amazing app.

Google Hangouts: It is a hassle free feature that you can access whenever you open your Gmail. It can support multiple platforms such as Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. You just need to share the unique meeting link and after that anyone can join.  It is a very easy to use app.

Skype: This list can never be completed without mentioning Skype. Even 50 people can participate in the video call sessions. It is web based and you don’t need to install it on your desktop. You can get some brilliant features in its free version as well. Screen sharing, live subtitles and recording options are available in this app. It is extremely secured and user-friendly video conferencing tool.

BlueJeans: With help of this efficient video conferencing app, up to 150 participants can join the meeting. Many companies are using this software nowadays. It offers three plans for the customers. Some of the valuable features of this app are recording in cloud, file and screen sharing and calendar support.

WebEx Meetings: You can find both free and paid version of this app. It can support even 100 participants for a meeting. High-quality video, private chat room, screen sharing, cloud recording and unlimited meetings are some of the specialized features of this software.

So, above mentioned are some of the most loved video conferencing apps for the employees working from home. Video calls have become an important part for maintaining smooth functioning of any organization so, choose a suitable video conferencing app accordingly.


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