Some Amazing Work from Home Apps You Must Have!

Pattern of working changed a lot all around the world. Most of the companies are offering work from home option to their employees. Many companies have found that the productivity of their employees has increased as they can pay more attention their health and the commuting time has also reduced. To help such people, many work from home apps have been introduced.

Great and Easy Work from Home Apps Are:

Clockify Work from Home App

It is a time-tracking app. This app has a timer installed in it. You can also know the working status of other team mates through the dashboard. You can add almost 50 fields of various tasks and also add switches like yes or no. It works as an indicator of the time invested by the employee to any particular task.

Asana Work from Home App:

It is efficient project management software. It has the Kanban-based boards in which there are cards that signify the tasks. In this software, you can add the deadline for every task. You can also keep a fine tracking of the entire task done.

Slack App:

It is useful in communication. You can send direct messages of your current work status to other members of the team. It also has a special bot that can remind of some important things through a notification.


You can easily manage the time, tasks and project with help of this app. It has a user-friendly interface. You can set your to-do list and get all the things done efficiently.


It is a great screen capturing tool. You can take the screenshots and make it easy for others to understand your point.


If you want to stay organized, then you must use Doodle. You can keep a track of all your meeting schedules and tasks.

Google Drive:

This is the place to keep all your data online. You can create Google spreadsheets and Google docs and share it with anyone you want.


It is unbelievable software that is created to maintain a healthy work culture. It takes the feedback from the employees that help the managers to improve the issues going on in the organization.


It helps in increasing the focus and self-control of a person. If you want to focus on work, just plant a seed and the seeds start growing when you don’t touch the phone while working.

It encourages you to unlock some achievement. You can also compete with others to maintain focus.

World Time Buddy:

If you are working on some international project, then you must be updated with the time in countries. This app helps you to compare different time zones.


It is a workout app. It offers 7 minute workout that would help in maintain good health.


It is a tool that helps in prioritizing the messages in mail inbox.

Skitch Work from Home App:

Every project needs extensive brainstorming in order to bring some innovative and productive ideas. With the help of this app, different people of the department can share their ideas and the plan can be prepared with markups, sketches, and shapes.


It is a app that provides a list of instrumental music. This app is based on neuroscience. It helps in improving the focus and blocking the distractions.

So, these are some apps that you can install to enhance productivity while working.  


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